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Seahawks' blown opportunity puts the Rams in the NFC West driver's seat [сообщение #13054] Чтв, 09 Ноябрь 2017 09:59
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The Seattle Seahawks played one of the strangest games of the 2017 season Sunday.

Seattle racked up 437 yards of offense at 5.8 yards per play. The Seahawks outgained Washington by nearly 200 yards, gained six more first downs and won the time of possession battle by over five minutes. They held Kirk Cousins without a touchdown pass, yielded only 2.35 yards per carry to Washington's running backs and recorded six sacks.

missed three field goals and took an unfathomable 16 penalties that cost them 138 yards. Though they got into scoring position six different times,Of course, the Seahawks also converted just five of 14 third-down opportunities, the offense was largely impotent for much of the game, committed two turnovers, with Russell Wilson throwing too erratically to prop up a typically punchless rushing attack.

They allowed Cousins to march Washington down the field with a four-play, 70-yard drive to snatch the lead away after coming back from a fourth-quarter deficit, then proceeded to mismanage the hell out of the clock on their attempt at a last-ditch game-tying drive. And so the Seahawks lost 17-14.

But Seattle lost more than just the game. Coupled with the Rams' dominant win over the Giants, this loss dealt a huge blow to the Seahawks' chances of winning the NFC West. The Seahawks are now 5-3 while the Rams are 6-2, putting Los Angeles firmly in the driver's seat when it comes to winning the division.

Here's how SportsLine's Stephen Oh has things shaking out based on his simulations. The Rams are projected to finish just about one win ahead of the Seahawks, and they have a 58.6 percent chance of winning the division. Seattle has just a 40.3 chance of taking the NFC West.

with a 56.8 percent chance; and also would have wound up with a first-round bye as the No. 2 seed in the NFC (as owners of the tiebreaker,Had the Seahawks managed to not screw things up so badly and actually beaten Washington, the projections would have looked much different. In that scenario, they would be ahead of the Rams even if the two teams had the same record). Los Angeles' chances of winning the division would have dropped to 42.6 percent, Seattle would have been more likely to win the division, and they would be the ones heading on the road in the wild-card game.

So, that one loss diminished Seattle's divisional chances by 16.5 percentage points and their playoff chances by 19.8 percentage points, dropping their projection from a first-round bye to a wild-card berth. That's a massive swing.

49ers, Titans) is actually slightly tougher based on current record than that of the Seahawks (Falcons, Cowboys, Eagles). While the Rams' remaining schedule (Texans, Jaguars, Vikings, Saints, Cardinals), Rams,The teams have three opponents in common (Cardinals, Seahawks, those numbers don't account for the fact that A) the Texans no longer have Deshaun Watson; B) the Titans somehow have the same 5-3 record as the Jaguars despite a point differential that is 101 points worse; and C) the Rams will definitely play the Cardinals without both Carson Palmer and David Johnson, while the Seahawks might possibly have to play them with both players.

The Seahawks also have arguably the toughest four-game stretch any team will face all season when they host the NFL-leading Eagles in Week 13, travel to Jacksonville in Week 14, play the Rams at home in Week 15 and head to Dallas to take on the surging Cowboys in Week 16. Those four teams have a combined record of 24-9 as of this writing.

all four feature elite pass-rushers,Authentic Cliff Avril Jersey, which means they're well-equipped to take advantage of Seattle's greatest weakness. Can we really expect the Seahawks to adequately deal with Fletcher Cox, Calais Campbell, Marcell Dareus, David Irving and Tyrone Crawford for four consecutive weeks? Wilson might not make it out of that stretch alive. ,Authentic Mike Alstott Jersey, Brandon Graham, Timmy Jernigan,Authentic T.J. Ward Jersey, Derek Barnett, Vinny Curry, Yannick Ngakoue,Womens Jameis Winston Jersey,Worse yet,Womens Nick Folk Jersey, Aaron Donald, Malik Jackson, Robert Quinn, DeMarcus Lawrence

The Week 15 matchup between the two teams will obviously hold great importance,Womens T.J. Ward Jersey, and the fact that the Seahawks won the first game between them helps for tiebreaker purposes. But the likelihood of them finishing with the same record as the Rams seems remote at this point, even if they get that Week 15 win. The offense has been inconsistent and the defense has shown surprising vulnerability at inopportune times, and the schedule is tough the rest of the way.

Assuming the Rams are as good as they appear to be (and both the eye test and more advanced metrics back that up -- they're No. 1 in Football Outsiders' overall DVOA this week, they're one of two teams in the top 10 in offense, defense and special teams, and they lead the league in point differential), it sure seems like the Seahawks will have to go 3-0 in this Cardinals-Falcons-49ers stretch over the next few weeks in order to put themselves in range, especially for a team that has been as inconsistent as these Seahawks. We've seen them go on second-half surges in the past, so the possibility shouldn't be discounted, given the difficulty of the four-week stretch that follows it. That's a tall order, but it's hard to consider it the most likely result at this point.

What is an NFL week of action without some kind of officiating screwup? It's not a normal one, that's what, and this week featured a number of questionable moves by the officials when it came to handling players who are fighting, but it also featured a potential clock mishap at the end of the Redskins-Seahawks game.

In that particular contest, Russell Wilson didn't complete the pass and the Redskins won the game. , there is a very good rationale for why the Seahawks never should have had a Hail Mary at the end of the game. Fortunately for the NFL

In fact, as former NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira -- now with Fox Sports -- pointed out, "the NFL is pretty damn lucky that pass was incomplete." It was a close call too -- if DeAngelo Hall doesn't knock down the pass, the Seahawks win on another controversial late-game situation in Seattle.

the clock operator stopping the clock even though the officials correctly ruled Wilson down before he could throw the ball away essentially handed the Seahawks a free play. ,So what was the error here? According to Pereira

"Really, should Seattle have had a chance to throw the Hail Mary and win the game? I don't think so. Because you've got a clock error. You've got an error on the clock," Pereira said. "You had 12 seconds when Russell Wilson went down on a knee, a whistle was blown, ending the play. The clock operator stopped the clock. So he stopped the clock with essentially 11 seconds to go. 17 seconds later, on a clock that was not supposed to stop, they're up at the line of scrimmage on a clock that was not supposed to stop, they're up to the line of scrimmage and spike the ball and the buzz came from replay right as the ball was snapped.

that's another story. My issue with this is that the clock should not have stopped. I think it's reasonable to say Seattle may not have gotten off another play without this clock erroneously stopping.","So they're going to review it

Let's go to the tape.

in which Wilson attempted to throw the ball away but was ruled down by the officials on the field. There were 12 seconds on the clock when Wilson was down. ,Womens Mike Alstott Jersey,Here's the next-to-last play

At this point, the clock was almost stopped. If you watch the replay on NFL GamePass, what you see and hear is the clock operator freezing the clock at 11 seconds before the whistle is blown. It's close, but it's also clear there's an itchy trigger finger after seeing the ball leave Wilson's hand.

Presumably the clock operator froze the clock in a tight spot after seeing what he/she felt was an incompletion. But it was a quick pull, the referees ruled that Wilson was down before the throw. The clock should have never stopped. , given that the referees had not whistled the play dead yet when the clock froze. Additionally

And good luck to the Seahawks in getting a play off -- with 11 seconds left, Wilson was on the ground after being ruled down and the ball was bouncing away from the line of scrimmage after inadvertently hitting the leg of an offensive lineman. , the clock should have been moving

They are not getting everyone lined up,Womens Cliff Avril Jersey, there were four seconds left on the clock. ,Authentic Jameis Winston Jersey, getting the ball back to the line of scrimmage and running a play in that time. The Seahawks were able to get lined up because they used somewhere in the range of 20 seconds to get lined up. Most of that was with the clock not running -- when Wilson walked away from the line of scrimmage after the referees whistled to review the play

Making matters more confusing was the explanation of Pereira's partner on "Last Call," another former NFL VP of officiating, Dean Blandino,Authentic Doug Martin Jersey, who said during the game that the officials were handling things correctly.

" Blandino explained during the Fox broadcast. "So on the field that keeps the clock running. They're looking at it -- they're going to confirm the ruling on the field and then basically when we come back they're going to wind the clock on the ready. There's no 10-second runoff here.,"So the key is that the ruling on the field is that Wilson was down by contact before he released the pass

"No, basically, the ruling on the field was correct. They had him down. When they come down,Authentic Nick Folk Jersey, they're just going to wind the clock on the referee's ready for play. There's no runoff here."

This is insane: the refs ruled that Wilson was down but the clock stopped inadvertently and then the officials sort of didn't realize it. That probably should be a 10-second runoff situation.

At the very least, funky ending to the game." ,Womens Doug Martin Jersey, Blandino later admitted that it was "really an unnecessary stop" of the clock and called it a "weird

and it almost happened again in Week 9. The NFL dodged a major officiating bullet here.,It seems to happen a lot in Seattle

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